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University/Medical institution. 
Statistical analysis and reporting for professors & students with M.A. and Ph.D degrees at universities & colleges

Laboratory/Education/Public Agency group.
- statistical analysis for social welfare centers
- health examination centers and lots of hospitals on a national scale
- Statistical analysis for Korea labor welfare 

Corporate survey group. 
Statistical analysis for Korea labor welfare corporation, the Ombudsman of Korea, Korea invention promotion association, Seoul metropolitan police agency, Korea highway corporation, Incheon metropolitan office of education, Korea institute of industrial technology evaluation and planning, and Korea polytechnic university, etc.
- Customer satisfaction
- job satisfaction
- market survey for an advertising agency and an enterprise
- statistical analysis for Seoul Bank?Kia Motors?Withus Biz, etc. 


A survey project for AMO market strategy

Purpose : Survey for a market strategy
Target : Eye-specialists in Seoul and 6 metropolitan cities to conduct a questionnaire survey on/off line(including general hospitals and clinics)
Details : Planning a market strategy for AMO based on AMO brand recognition and preference in intraocularlens market, understanding the competitive strength and weakness of AMO compared to other competitors, the realities of other competitors' distribution channels compared with that of AMO, and user satisfaction with AMO. 


Business Process



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